Wife Finds Out Husband Married Another Woman

Marcus Shorten, who has already gone through two separate divorces in his lifetime, wed a woman named Tammie in 2012, but decided to separate after seven years together, according to KTRK. “I didn’t want a divorce, I’m getting me some help Tammie, I don’t want a divorce I don’t want my family to think of me as a failure,” Tammie claimed her 53-year-old husband said. Tammie was shocked to learn last December about a wedding registry for an upcoming union between Shorten and a new woman. The scandalizing discovery forced Tammie to confront her husband over the surprising nuptials. “I told him, ‘Before you let the whole world know what you’re doing, make sure your business is right,’” Tammie told the outlet. Shorten has yet to be arrested despite being charged with bigamy, court records viewed by The Post show. If found guilty, bigamy carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

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