Police Officer "High Out Of His Mind" While On Duty

Former Kansas City, Kansas cop James Shepherd had his police license revoked by KS-CPOST following his lack of cooperation into an investigation of him being high while on duty. While tending to a child custody dispute, “Shepherd appeared to be under the influence of some type of substance as he had to lean on the wall for support, was speaking so fast that Plaintiffs could hardly understand him, his face was flush, he was blinking his eyes at an unusual frequency, was slurring his words, and just generally acting strange,” the lawsuit alleged. The Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Trainings, or CPOST, which certifies officers in the state, received a complaint about Shepherd, along with the recording. Shepherd’s certification was revoked May 9th, records show. James Shepherd, KCKPD, CPOST, Kansas City

Here’s The Revocation Document – James Shepherd Summary Order of Revocation (kscpost.gov)


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