Podcaster Assaulted With Nunchucks In NYC

Bryant Kenyatta was charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon on Monday, then released on Tuesday. Kenyatta was released after hitting Stevie Lew, a podcaster from New Rochelle, with a pair of nun chucks in Midtown Manhattan around noon on March 12th. Kenyatta managed to evade capture that day but was picked up Monday by the NYPD. Kenyatta, a Queens native, has 12 prior arrests and was immediately freed by Judge Marva Brown despite prosecutors requesting $100,000 bail. Judge Brown is also known for releasing Amira Hunter, the attacker that assaulted cellist, Iain S. Forrest, with a bottle on the subway back in February. Byrant Kenyatta, Stevie Lew, Amira Hunter, Manhattan, Judge Marva Brown, Amira Hunter, Iain S. Forrest, Iain Forrest

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