Houston, Texas Rapper Accused Of Kidnapping Woman, Holding Her Captive For Nearly 5 Years

Lee Carter, a Houston-based rap artist who performs under the stage name “Viper”, was arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping after allegedly holding a woman captive in his garage for four to five years. The woman says she was forced to live in his garage, where she was repeatedly assaulted and deprived of a bathroom or shower. Carter also allegedly forced her to take drugs while she was in captivity. When police found her she weighed about 70 pounds and was wearing filthy clothes with matted hair, the garage that held her for several years was in deplorable conditions, with a mattress covered in “fresh vomit,” a “makeshift toilet,” and a dripping faucet, as well as a pile of diapers, bags of chips, and Twinkies. kidnapping, hostage, assault, kidnapping stories, captive, held captive, captive women, house hostage, lee carter viper the rapper, Houston rapper,

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