Disabled Man Steals $11K In Cigarettes

A man using a walker is accused of stealing more than $11,000 worth of cigarettes from a Walgreens store last week, authorities said. According to a Facebook post by the Delaware State Police, the thief took the smokes from the store, located on New Linden Road in Wilmington, on June 13. Authorities calculated the loss at $11,000. It was unclear from the video how long it took the alleged thief to walk away with the cigarettes, how many trips he had to make to steal that many, or whether he had an accomplice who would have distracted the employee. The walker the alleged thief was pushing also appeared to have a compartment under its seat that was capable of stacking cigarette cartons, although it was unclear how many could be piled on. Theft, Walgreens, Cigarettes, Delaware


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