Assistant Killed Boss To Cover Up Embezzlement

Tyrese Haspil’s out-of-control passion drove him to suffer an “extreme emotional disturbance” and butcher investor Fahim Saleh in his Lower East Side apartment in July 2020 to hide his theft of nearly half a million dollars, defense attorney Sam Roberts told jurors in his closing arguments at his clients Manhattan murder trial. His attorney told jurors in Manhattan Supreme court he was ecstatic about Marine Chaveuz, a French foreign exchange, and showered her with weekend getaways for her friends and designer items, his attorney argued. He feared she would “abandon” him as others had done in his life, and sprung for things like helicopter rides to the airport and a posh apartment, Roberts said. Haspil’s embezzlement-fueled romance tab eventually grew to $400,000 by May 2020, said prosecutors — who accused him of simply killing Saleh because he feared being outed and losing the lifestyle he had build with the embezzled cash.

2 thoughts on “Assistant Killed Boss To Cover Up Embezzlement”

  1. Money is the root of all evil! How sad to take a life to cover up embezzlement of money to keep a lover satisfied. A life if worth much more than any amount of money.

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