Woman Shot Herself In The Leg To Cover Up Boyfriend's Murder

Deborah “Debbie” Lynn Frazier, 36, pleaded guilty on Monday to counts of murder with a firearm specification, tampering with evidence, and gross abuse of a corpse, according to a press release issued by the Muskingum County Prosecutor’s Office. Frazier lived with Thomas Waddell, a “significantly older” man, “in an on-again, off-again relationship for years,” according to a statement of facts prepared by prosecutors. The two met at Kroger grocery store where they worked in the past. Waddell had recently retired and was “known for reaching out and helping those who were in need,” prosecutors wrote. Inside their home on Sandhurst Drive in Zanesville, Ohio, were Valentine’s Day cards, shared cookbooks, and other “evidence of a life spent together,” according to the state. Frazier shot Waddell in the back of the head with a .22 revolver and wrapped his body in trash bags, duct tape, and a comforter. She then called authorities in an attempt to falsify a burglary, telling dispatchers that two men were in the apartment, then stating the men shot her in the leg as they were exiting Waddell’s residence. Investigators determined Waddell had been dead for hours before the 911 call was placed. Law enforcement canvassed the area for surveillance footage or witness testimony that would help identify the alleged home invaders — instead finding no evidence whatsoever that anyone had fled from the residence on the day in question. Forensic testing determined that only the killer’s DNA was found on various pieces of relevant evidence at the crime scene —  a single glove found inside Frazier’s backpack testified positive for both gunshot residue and Frazier’s DNA. Waddell had been shot with his own gun, investigators learned, which had only ever been shot twice, once to kill him and once to shoot Frazier in the leg. debbie lynn frazier, thomas waddell, murder,  boyfriend, zanesville, ohio,

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