NC Pastor Justifies Rape By Blaming Women For What They Wear

Reverend Bobby Leonard is facing backlash, with some people even calling for him to be removed from the pulpit after a video resurfaced of him explaining that he’d acquit a rape suspect because “a man is a man”. In the viral clip, he tells congregants that women wear shorts instead of dresses or pants, then he goes on to elaborate his point by expressing if a woman gets raped, and he’s on the jury, the man is going to go free. The public at large and churchgoers alike couldn’t believe Pastor Leonard would think in such a manner, let alone convey his stance on the already sensitive issue so openly. An apologetic sign was placed in front of the Bible Baptist Tabernacle in Monroe, North Carolina, with critics saying that a sign isn’t enough, they want to hear the words of an apology come out of his mouth. Reverend Bobby Leonard started the Bible Baptist Tabernacle over 40 years ago. Rape, Sexual Assault, victims, bible baptist tabernacle, reverend bobby leonard, monroe, north carolina

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