Rapper's Own Music Video Implicates Him In 2018 Shooting

Christopher Nathaniel Kenney, who is still at large as of Monday, has been charged with murder and four counts of attempted murder in a gang shooting that occurred in 2018, killing rival gang member Jeremy Charles Littlejohn and wounding four others, according to court documents. Charges were brought earlier this year. Within months of the deadly shooting, Kenney, who’s also known as “Baby Coke”, released a music video strikingly similar to events that took place in the encounter. One person told authorities Kenney, the rapper out of Bakersfield, knew ahead of time where Littlejohn would be. He said Kenney afterward bragged about the killing because he “wanted recognition” in the gang, according to the documents. Christopher Nathaniel Kenney, Baby Coke, Shooting, gang shooting, Jeremy Charles Littlejohn

Here's The Music Video


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