Pastor Paid $40K To Get His Daughter's Boyfriend Whacked

On March 13, Samuel Pasillas, a local pastor in Victorville, CA, was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center for solicitation for murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, and assault with a deadly weapon. On Oct. 21, 2023, an unidentified male was shot several times but has since recovered. An investigation found that 47-year-old Samuel Pasillas had orchestrated a murder-for-hire plot to kill the man, according to a Riverside County Police Department press release. According to the press release: “Detectives uncovered evidence the father met with the men he hired and provided them information about the victim, including his location the evening of the shooting.” “Detectives also determined these men were paid almost $40,000 by the father and had conducted surveillance on the victim in the weeks leading up to when they shot him.” Pasillas was also found to be the father of the victim’s girlfriend. Samuel Pasillas, Juan Manuel Cebreros, murder for hire plot, riverside, california

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