NYPD Cop Fired After Lying About Having COVID In Dominican Republic To Extend His Vacation

Officer Edward Nunez-Nunez was terminated from the NYPD and charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument along with making false and misleading statements when he was questioned by the Internal Affairs Bureau in the matter of him lying to the New York Police Department about having COVID while on vacation with his wife in The Dominican Republic in September 2022. Upon request for the positive lab results of the COVID test, Nunez-Nunez produced the results of a test that didn’t belong to him. He was initially put on departmental probation by Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Trials Vanessa Facio-Lince in April, but the Police Commissioner Edward Caban disagreed with the finding and called for Nunez-Nunez’s termination. Dominican Republic, Covid, COVID testing, Covid News, COVID NYC, NYPD Bronx, NYPD News

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