Meth Addict Strangled His Buddy, Thought He Saw Bigfoot

Larry Doil Sanders was found guilty by an Oklahoma judge April 17, and is facing life without parole in the strangulation death of his friend Jimmy Knighten. Sanders strangled Knighten to death in July 2022 while the two were out noodling, The OklahomanThe Ada News and KXII reported. Sanders waived his right to a jury trial and claimed he killed his friend in self-defense. The Oklahoman reported that Sanders claimed he had seen three sasquatch-looking figures by the river while they were fishing and believed that Knighten had summoned Bigfoot to eat Sanders as a sacrifice. It was also reported that a forensic psychiatrist testified that Sanders was suffering from methamphetamine-induced psychosis and believed he was defending himself. Knighten died following a struggle, during which Sanders put him in a chokehold, KXII reported. Larry Doil Sanders, Jimmy Knighten, Methamphetamine, Bigfoot, Sasquatch,

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