Man Escapes With His Life After Being Set Up By Florida Couple

Arianna Selina Gajraj and Brandon Pirela have both been arrested and charged with first degree agree attempted murder. The couple had been broken up for about 3 months before reconciling their relationship and in less than 24 hours planning the murder of another man. Gajraj was tasked with luring the victim out under the guise of meeting up and smoking marijuana, while talking about her relationship issues, while Pirela was intended to carry out the killing. After pulling over on Peppermill Trail in Clermont, Florida, Gajraj had Pirela track them. Pirela pulled up in a white 2014 Toyota Camry, stepped out, and fired multiple rounds from an extend magazine authorities said. “Deputies located numerous spent cartridge casings on Peppermill Trail in the roadway and discovered the victim’s vehicle had multiple projectile strikes as well as a Massey work truck,” which was stated in an affidavit. There were 21 spent 9 mm cartridge casings on the roadway, 13 projectile strikes on the victim’s vehicle, three projectile strikes on the Massey work truck as well as one on a nearby mailbox, the affidavit said. The victim later told police that Pirela had been sending threats of physical violence and more because with the accusation that the victim was having a relationship with Gajraj. Detectives then found out that Gajraj had an account on the text app Pinger, which she had been using to communicate with Pirela from 6:12 p.m. on Nov. 30 to 12:39 a.m. on Dec. 1. “The messages begin with Gajraj confronting Pirela about issues in their previous relationship, them reconciling, then them discussing a plan for Brandon to kill the victim,” documents said. Brandon Pirela, Arianna Selina Gajraj, Attempted Murder, Clermont, Florida

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