Man Ejaculates On Woman In Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is facing a lawsuit after a man allegedly left bodily fluids on a shopper last December, which was at that time, the third assault in four days. The alleged incident happened around 10:30 a.m. Dec. 5 at the Dollar Tree location on 1430 W. Gray St. in Houston, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in Harris County District Court. The woman, identified by her initials of M.R. in the lawsuit to protect her identity, said she was browsing in one aisle while her friend was in another aisle. She said a man suddenly came up behind her and “started saying sexually explicit things to her.” The plaintiff found her friend and suggested they leave immediately. “As Plaintiff was getting into her car, her friend pointed out something wet and sticky all over the back of Plaintiff’s sweatshirt,” the lawsuit said. “Plaintiff realized that the perpetrator had ejaculated on her while making his vulgar remarks to her inside the store.”

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