Man Assaults NYPD, Released With No Bail

Patrick Young appeared before Justice Brenda Rivera at a hearing on Wednesday he was released with “non-monetary conditions,” despite prosecutors asking for bail again, records show. Young was arrested in the Bedford Park area of The Bronx when he ran up on a patrol car with a knife and began smashing the cruiser’s windshield as a pair of NYPD officers sat inside. When officers attempted to apprehend Young, he began assaulting the officers before he was eventually cuffed and subdued. Young was initially held on $10,000 cash bail and $10,000 bond immediately after his arrest but was released by Justice Rivera despite requests from the prosecution. Patrick Young, NYPD, Bronx

4 thoughts on “Man Assaults NYPD, Released With No Bail”

  1. This judge (Justice Brenda Rivera) should be relieved of her duty. An absolute disgrace. This repeat criminal will only continue this behavior. This judge should be held legally responsible when that happens. I don’t know how this judge can sleep at night knowing that she is just as guilty as the criminals for the abhorrent quality of life in NYC

  2. This has to stop. NY judges need to be revised and policemen don’t need to be threatened with knives and people hurt by thugs while judges set them free! Where is justice?

    1. This particular judge’s term is up in December so I suppose the only way to get a real hold on the situation is to start voting these Judges out and then maybe it’ll trickle up to the top to start making changes, maybe, … I really don’t know, but yes it does have to stop. The bail reform wasn’t meant for this and they’ve made things worse by overcorrecting.

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