Lieutenant Caught Threatening Woman Online

Decatur, AL officials told News 19 that Lieutenant Joe Renshaw has been using a fake identity to harass Decatur community members through social media. It’s also believed that Renshaw had sought out one member of the online and gotten into an especially heated exchange with Raven Ryder and her husband using Facebook. “My husband messaged it and was basically like, leave her alone. What are you doing? And it was then that it got back and forth,” said Ryder. Ryder was alarmed by the exchange but was also relieved to find out the Decatur Police Department will be conducting an investigation into officer conduct and hopes that Renshaw will be included in the review. Ryder also stated: “I mean honestly there’s no trusting the police department,” Ryder explained. “There’s none whatsoever and as each week passes by, there’s more that comes out that shows how they are continually failing.”

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