Inmate Charged In Murder For Hire Plot To Kill Small Family

Joshua Peikert has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and risk of injury to a child after trying to orchestrate the murder of a woman, her children, and her boyfriend while in Corrigan prison in Uncasville, CT. Peikert, 31, told his cellmate about his plot, according to an affidavit obtained Wednesday by local CBS affiliate WFSB. The cellmate told Peikert he knew someone that could do it for him, police said. He also told Peikert it would cost $10,000 per murder, plus a $500 “finder’s fee,” which Peikert allegedly said was doable.  The cellmate stated, “At no time did I contact anyone to commit violence against the victims, nor anyone else,” the cellmate told police. In October 2022, the cellmate sent a letter to Peikert’s target of the planned hit, warning her about Peikert’s plans, according to police. The 29-year-old woman reacted by calling the cops. Joshua Peikert, Murder For Hire, Jeremiah Peikert, Corrigan Correctional Center

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