Guards Watched OnlyFans As Inmate Prepared Suicide

A group of Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail guards were apparently too busy watching what appeared to be OnlyFans as an inmate hung a noose in his cell. Inspectors Haley Broder and Eric Miller were making rounds at the facility last month when they saw a noose hanging in one of the cells on the high security unit. “Though unlikely to support the incarcerated person’s weight, the noose was obvious to anyone looking into the cell,” the inspectors wrote in their official report. Broder stayed behind with the suicidal inmate, who had started banging his head against the wall, while Miller went to find a deputy, they explained. When Miller first walked up to the deputy station, the eight jailers seated around the television station brushed off his concern. When he returned 30 minutes later, he noticed the group was gathered around watching a “sexually explicit” video. Los Angeles Mens central jail, OnlyFans, Haley Broder, Eric Miller

Here’s The Report Filed By The Inspectors – A91relr9q_1ifkwjt_560.tmp (


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