Florida Mistress Shot At Lover's Girlfriend With Her 'Sugar Daddy's' Gun, Love Triangle

Zehra Percy, 20, was arrested and charged with shooting into a vehicle in a Daytona Beach apartment complex on November 4th. The Florida woman was believed to be the mistress in the “Love Triangle” incident when her lover’s girlfriend noticed a car that had been circling the home days prior to the incident was parked outside of their building. As the victim went to find out more, she seen her boyfriend being accompanied by Percy out of an unknown apartment. A verbal altercation began between the two of them, then Percy went to the trunk of her vehicle, retrieved a gun, and starting shooting at the victim, hitting her vehicle where her 1-year-old child was present. There were no injuries. When asked about the whereabouts of the gun following the incident, she told authorities she’d given it back to her ‘Sugar Daddy’.

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