Ex-Cop Wants Out Of His 19-Year Prison Sentence

Walter Pacheco, 29, of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, is requesting a district court judge to reconsider the 19-year prison sentence that was imposed last month for probation violations in four of his criminal cases. Pacheco has been convicted of burglary, stalking, tampering with a witness and willful injury, but prison sentences that resulted from those convictions were initially suspended. The matter is set to be discussed during a court hearing next week. Pacheco is being detained in the Polk County Jail and a trial for his most recent criminal charge of stalking in violation of a protective order is set for April 20, court records show. The crime carries up to 10 years in prison. Pacheco was briefly a police officer in Carroll, where he was forced to resign, and in Eagle Grove, where he was fired. He surrendered his peace officer certification in September 2022, several months after his initial arrest. walter pacheco,

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