Bexar County Man Bites Woman’s Nose After Learning She Worked In Strip Club

David Morin Jr., 34, of Bexar County has been charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury after breaking into his girlfriend’s apartment around 1am on January 26th, and allegedly biting her nose, disfiguring her, when he discovered she was working at a strip club. Morin found employment documents in the apartment and police say he got into an argument with the woman about her working at a strip club. After the assault, Morin ran from the scene and the woman was hospitalized and later referred to a plastic surgeon. The two had started dating back in December 2022, but Morin moved out of the apartment two weeks before the incident. domestic violence, domestic abuse, domestic assault, David Morin Jr., aggravated assault, possessive, controlling, controlling relationship, controlling boyfriend, controlling men, controlling people

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