Crook Released For Bank Robbery, Hits Another Bank Next Day

A 60-year-old career crook from Orlando went on a robbing spree beginning just one day after doing 8 years in the Putnam County Correctional Facility for bank robbery. One day after he was released, the man walked into a Truist bank June 2 on the same street as a Wells Fargo branch he was previously accused of robbing, told an employee he had a gun and it was a robbery, officials said. He made off with $30,000 and stole an employee’s vehicle. That next week he robbed a SouthState bank in Kissimmee, Florida in which he was given $50,000 and also stole an employee’s vehicle. He was caught later that day in the stolen vehicle. On February 14th, he was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison and forfeiture of $30,000 from the robberies that had not been recovered. Crook, Robber, Bank Robber, Bank Robbery, Wells Fargo Bank Robbery

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